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Bench Press on Aroleap, the most compact and versatile home gym.

Home Gym Reimagined

Aroleap offers a comprehensive smart home gym solution, ingeniously combining a full-range gym and personal training experience into a sleek, compact unit designed for your home.

All In One

Aroleap home gym is designed to cover more than 90% of the exercises that one can do in the gym.

One equipment for every muscle group

75 kgs of Weights

Aroleap features a patented state-of-the-art motor technology that powers up to 75 kgs of digital weights. With electronic control, the machine's cable weights can be precisely adjusted from 2 to 75 kgs in 0.5 kg increments.

Sleek & Compact

The Aroleap machine, with its dimensions of just 5 ft. in height, 2 ft. in width, and a slender 4 inches in depth, stands as the most compact cable crossover equipment ever created. Its innovative design eliminates the need for a dedicated room, redefining the space requirements for a home gym.

Deadlift on Aroleap, the most compact home gym

Progress Tracking & Guidance

Aroleap transcends being just a home gym; it's your personal trainer and workout companion, meticulously tracking every rep and remembering your performance to tailor weight and rep recommendations for your progress.

Home gym and a personal trainer

Guided Workouts

Aroleap includes expertly designed guided workout programs from professional fitness coaches. Unsure about beginning your strength training? Simply choose a program on the machine and effortlessly follow along with your virtual trainer.

Guided workout videos by expert coaches at the comfort of your home. Get the smartest home gym today

Smart Weight Modes



With eccentric mode on, Aroleap dynamically increases the weights in realtime to ensure maximum rep efficiency



With spotter mode on, Aroleap automatically detects when you are struggling and reduces the weight a little bit so that you can safely complete your rep

Monitor your performance seamlessly in a companion mobile app. Home gym made smarter

Companion Mobile App



Results in the mirror will take time to appear but Aroleap will show you your growth in numbers everyday



Aroleap automatically tracks every workout to the last detail - sets, reps, power in every rep, time under tension, pace per rep, range of motion and rest time



Aroleap helps you train better with personalised insights about your strength, growth and recovery

Reviews from Aroleap users

Aroleap X at Zerodha

Ms. Shutapa Paul attests to feeling a noticeable difference in her general strength and overall well-being after just three months of incorporating Aroleap into her routine.

Ms. Shutapa Paul

Aroleap user since June 2022

Aroleap X at Zerodha

Structured workouts targeting different body areas have contributed to a streamlined physique and improved overall stability.

Dr. Sunil Kumar BK

Aroleap user since May 2022

Mr. Kevin William David, Aroleap X Customer

For Kevin, the value of Aroleap goes beyond just physical fitness. It saves time and, in the long run, proves to be a more cost-effective solution than a traditional gym membership.

Kevin William David

Aroleap user since August 2022

In The News

Aroleap is a smart, wall-mounted gym equipment designed for comprehensive weight training powered by cutting edge digital weights technology.

"Zerodha CEO, Chiratae Back Fitness-Tech Startup By IIT Delhi Alumni" Read the full article find more about the tech fitness start up and it's future plans.

"The digital-weights technology is patent-protected, making Aroleap the only company in India that builds and sells products in the connected strength space" More on Aroleap and digital weights technology can be found here.

"Aroleap's impact on its users goes beyond just a workout routine" Read the full article

"With an increasing awareness of fitness, strength training and data obsession, people are increasingly trying to understand and optimize their bodies, and this is where Aroleap comes in."


or EMI starting from ₹9,697 / mo


1. All accessories - D-Handles, Barbell, Rope, Ankle Strap
2. Foot pedal to engage / disengage digital weights
3. Doorstep installation (tap here for installation guide)

Dispatches within 7 working days. Book now for ₹3,000 and pay the balance amount before dispatch. Booking amount is fully refundable.
BOOK NOW @ ₹3,000



KGS lifted on Aroleap X
Our users have cumulatively lifted more than 2 million kgs from across all over India

Aroleap in Offices

Aroleap X at Healthify
Aroleap X at Tech Mahindra
Aroleap X at Zerodha

Aroleap exercise machines are installed at some of the best workplaces in the country. With its unique space saving design and versatility in exercises, Aroleap offers a great way to setup a comprehensive gym at a workplace.

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